Rooms at KokosNuss Resort

Your Rooms at KokosNuss Resort

KokosNuss Resort has a delightful restaurant and Bungalows constructed partially out of local materials in the traditional Philippine native style that is still found in many parts of Palawan.

Each room is spacious, airy and bright. All of our rooms are amply furnished with soft, comfortable beds, clean linens and pillows, and clean bathrooms.


If, on the other hand you consider yourself a member of the Idle Rich (or if you have any ambitions in that direction) you can have a deluxe bungalow accommodation, complete with an en-suite CR and shower, marble flooring and air-conditioning.

This is a luxurious indulgence that is not really necessary (and not common in this "wild" area), but good for ones image as a member of the worlds jet setting glitterati...

Select a room type for further informations:

Room type 1 (cave)Our Type 1 cave style rooms room type 2 (small)Our small Type 2 room with AC and TV room type 3 (large)Our large Type 3 room with AC and TV room type 4 Our VIP Type 4 rooms with AC and TV